FIVE YEARS – Installment 002




IN THE FIRST INSTALLMENT OF FIVE YEARS we learned in a matter-of-fact fashion
that our species is not long for this planet due to the sun’s impending demise.

The following installment includes the tale’s first bumper (in this context a “bumper” refers to a single-page narrative intended to summarize current events, beliefs, or other random thoughts as the populace begins to accept, or continues to deny, the present state of affairs). These bumpers were always intended to serve as a bridge between chapters, and I realize that their effect here may be somewhat lost in the digital serialization of this project, but they are relevant to the overall story. Following the bumpers is part 1 of ARCTARUS. It’s probably worth noting that ARCTARUS was the first chapter completed for FIVE YEARS, and as such is a bit rough around the edges. Certainly the pages are less polished than the bumper, though by the middle of the tale I’d begun to carve out the look of the series, so hopefully things begin to appear a bit more visually consistent by panel 20 or so.



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