FIVE YEARS – Installment 001




FIVE YEARS is a graphic novel I began quite a while longer than five years ago. It’s a tale about the end of the world. Consisting of fifty or so short graphic narratives, it’s a speculative story about how we as a society might respond if we were suddenly told by a credible source that the world was going to end. One cliche I hoped to avoid was the long, drawn-out scientific explanations about what was happening and why. Thus, I reduced the actual “discovery” to a single page, which you’ll see below. Subsequent chapters are more personal, as we peak into the lives of ordinary folks to see how their day-to-day existence begins to change across the span of Earth’s remaining five years.

One of the reasons I’m presenting the story pages here is that I hope it’ll provide me with the motivation to finish this project. It is, in fact, completely sketched out, all 350 or so pages, and I’ve completed around 140 to date. So, there’s still a long way to go, and perhaps serializing the story will help me see it through to its end.

Time will tell.

FIVE YEARS continues.


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