Skylined – PART 8

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Skylined – PART 8

Treat’s physician stepped away to visit with other patients. The nurse spoke to Treat softly. “I can’t say that everything is going to be okay. But I can tell you that you will get through this. It will take time and resolve. A nurse will be in to check on you every hour.” She walked toward a window facing Treat and drew open the curtain. Treat reflexively closed his eyes for a moment as natural light flooded the room.

“A bit of sunshine will help, Mr. Ellis. It always does,” the nurse said. She smiled and left the room.

Treat stared out the window.

The city stared back.

The Despayre Tower stood directly in front of him with its companions–the Federal Building, the Carlisle Building, The Walsh, and the Burple Building. A gang of five. Five steel and concrete fingers, with the one in the middle at full extension. Carbondale was speaking directly to him and providing Treat a retort to an earlier insult: Fuck me? No, fuck you. Treat sobbed in his powerlessness.

“Stay a week – Stay a lifetime,” the billboard had read.

There would be no escape to Maine. Treat was a part of the city now. He was home. A permanent prisoner of the surrounding structures that would, day and night, gaze into his eyes and remind him that he was–had always been–small. A small insignificant thing of blood and flesh and, now, shattered bone. Not so much a cog in the wheel as a blight upon the populace.

This was, Treat realized, only the beginning. Under Combustible’s watchful eyes, he had become and would forever remain nothing.

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